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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996State Enterprises in Mizoram: Administrative and Managerial DimensionsLalhmingsanga, F
2000Elections and Political Dynamics: A Case study of 1995 Assembly Elections in ManipurSingh, Arambam Prafullokumar
2002Comparative studies on growth and productivity of three edible Bamboo species grown with Ginger cropsLalnunmawia, F
2003Perceived parental rearing style correlates of Psychosoical Differentiation: A study across Mizo and Khasi adolescentsFente, H. K.
2003Problems and Prospects of Agricultural Marketing in MizoramZonuntluanga, R
2004Levels and strategies of acculturation in relation to identity, attitudes, values and adjustment : a study of MizoVarte, C. Lalfamkima
2004District Administrationin Mizoram: A studyof the Aizawl District (1972-1995)Lalneihzovi
2005Geophysical, Biophysical and socio-economic studies of Tuichhuahen river, Mizoram, India with special reference to integrated microwater-shed managementRai, Bharat
2006Perspectives on Human Rights in Mizoram: A Critical StudyC. Lalhmanmawia
2006Annual Report 2005-06-
2007The pattern of migration and its effect on economic development with special reference to MizoramZirnunsanga, K
2007Ecological studies on earthworm population in agroforestry system of MizoramLalthanzara, H
2007Studies on community composition and natural regeneration of some dominant tree species in a tropical semi-evergreen forest in MizoramLalfakawma
2007Administration of Justice in Mizoram : Problems & ProspectsLalrinchhana, H. T. C.
2007An Assessment of Role of State and District Libraries in the Socio-cultural and Educational Development of MizoramNgurtinkhuma, R. K.
2007Studies on tree-crop compatibility and growth performance of field crops and soil moisture conservation as affected by under hilly terrain of MizoramVanlalhluna, P.C.
2007Studies on Insect- Plant Interactions in Some Agroforestry Systems of MizoramLalnunsangi, Rosy
2007A study of the professional efficiency of teacher trainees in Mizoram in relation to teacher attitude, adjustment and intelligenceZothanzuali
2007Annual Report 2006-07-
2007Survey on orchids of sub-Himalayan semi evergreen and sub tropical pine forest of Mizoram : some ecological analysis of important speciesLalengmawia, R.