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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A study of the effects of shifting cultivation on socio-economic life of the jhumias in Lawngtlai district of MizoramLalzarzoliani, Juliet. F.
2012Study of the electronic and magnetic properties of transition metal based, Heusler compoundsRai, Dibya Prakash
2017A Study of the Growth of Mizo Folk TheatreChawngthu, Lalthantluanga
2011Study of the optical properties of solids by using full potential linear augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) methodLalmuanpuia
2021A Study of the Poetic Technique of RokungaRenthlei, Darchuailova
2007A study of the professional efficiency of teacher trainees in Mizoram in relation to teacher attitude, adjustment and intelligenceZothanzuali
2015A Study of Tourism Development in MizoramLalhmangaihsangi
2012A study of trickster tales in Mizo folk narrativesLalbiakzuali, H
2020Study of water Resources and quality assessment of perennial water in And around aizawl city, mizoramLalhmangaihzuali, Sabrina
2024-02-16A Study of Weather Impacted KU Band Satellite ChannelNaithani, Ravindra
2022Study of ZnO monolayer and its Doped Structure For Spintronics and Other ApplicationsLalmuanchhana
2019A Study on Almost Grayan ManifoldsZosangliani, R.
2020Study on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) Communities from Jhum Lands in Mizoram, IndiaLalnunthari
2022A study on certain almost contact manifolds and invariant submanifoldsKhatri, Mohan
2013Study on Changes in Butterfly fauna at Different Altitudinal Levels in Central NepalKhanal, Bhaiya
2016A Study on Consumer’s Preference of Cellular Services in Aizawl City, MizoramLalhmingthangi, Thelma
2023-07-13Study on Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency of Essential Oils Extracted Some Selected Plants Available in MizoramLalrintluangi
2016A study on differential geometry of Riemannian manifold and almost contact manifoldsSingh, Archana
2020A study on effect of anthropogenic disturbance On diversity, distribution and community Characteristics of plants in the nokrek Biosphere reserve of meghalaya, indiaSangma, Tremie M
2019A Study on Feminism and Gender Roles in Relation to Dyadic Relationship Among Mizo Married CouplesRalte, Lalpekkimi