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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A cross-cultural study of the relationship of parenting with personality and cognitionChawngthu, Lalhlimpuii
2019A cross-cultural study on occupational stress, Depression and psychological wellbeing among School teachers of sikkimHemlata Sharma
2019Cultural encounters and the negotiation of meanings in select American Protest Songs 1960-2010Vanlalveni, Pachuau
2022Cultural History of Liquor in MizoramZothankhumi
2011Cultural Hybridity in the Selected Works of Amy TanRalte, Lalrammawii
2021Cultural Rebellion and Protest Narratives in Select Songs by The BeatlesLaltlankimi, F
2022Culture as Identity: Locating the Mizo in Select Works of C.LalnunchangaFanai, Catherine Laldinpuii
2020Customer Preferences for Banking Services on Selected Banks in MizoramMalsawmkimi, Esther
2019Dances in Mizoram: A Historical StudyLalhminghlui
2012Decentralisation and Urban Development: People’s Awareness and Expectations on Municipal Council in AizawlLalruatkimi
2020Decomposition dynamics, mulching efficacy and allelopathic potential of leaf litter of Flemingia semialata RoxbLalremsang, Paul
2022Delivering Agricultural Credit: Role of Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies in MizoramVanlalmuana
2020Demystifying secularism in India: a study of secularism in mizoramSanglora Khawbung, Robert
2015Department of Environment and Forests, Government of Mizoram: Structure and WorkingLalzidinga, H.
2016Department of Information Communication Technology, Government of Mizoram: Organisation and FunctionsLalnunthari
2022Design, Synthesis and Study of Novel Polycyclic Aromatic SystemsLalhruaizela
2019Detection of fusion genes and their expression in gastric cancer patients in Mizo populationSarma, Ranjan Jyoti
2016Determinants of Infant Mortality in Saiha District, MizoramNgoze, L.B.
2017Determination of the antineoplastic activity of Chilauni, Schima wallichii Korth in preclinical conditionsLalhminghlui, K.
2018Developing Network Intrusion Detection Systems using Data Cube and Association RuleKalita, Pranjal