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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Entrepreneurship in Nagaland: A Gender PerspectiveAier, Bendangienla
2022Environment and Health of School Going Adolescents in Kollam District, KeralaU, Harikrishnan
2021Environmental Awareness among Student Teachers of District Institute of Education and Training, MamitMalsawmdawnga, H.
2020Environmental Education in Colleges of Mizoram: An analytical studyLalremruati, P.C.
2014Environmental Education in Elementary Schools in Mizoram: An analytical study DistrictLalremruati, P.C.
2015Environmental ethics among Secondary School Students in Aizawl city, MizoramHmangaihzuali, Christina V. L.
2021Environmental Impact Assessment of Champhai – Zokhawthar Road Construction in MizoramLalventluanga
2021Environmental implications and mitigation Strategies of flood hazards in the vulnerable area Of river barak along silchar city, assam, indiaKumar, Mohit
2022Environmental Knowledge, Attitude and Activities of College Students in MizoramLalhmangaihzuali
2017Escapism in mizo lengkhawm zai with special reference to patea, C.z. Huala and suaklianaLallianzuala, C
2019Estimation of crustal Discontinuities using digital Seismic waves in the indomyanmar RangeGautam, Jia Lal
2016Ethnic Identity and Self-Concept In Relation To Mental Well-being: A Study Among the Indian Gorkhas in AizawlKhiangte, Lalparmawii
2015Ethnic Relations in Mizoram: A Study of Mizo and Bru in Mamit DistrictLalengkima
2022Ethnicity and Nationality: a study of mizo identity formationKhiangte, Lalmalsawma
2018Ethno-medicinal plants in west Garo hills district in MeghalayaMarak, Naldarine M.
2012Ethnographic Narrative: Representing the Tribal in the Selected Works of Verrier Elwin, Gopinath Mohanty, Pratibha Ray and Mahasweta DeviRalte, Rualzakhumi
2021Evaluating the effectiveness of communications over online forum: content analysis of lis forumChetia, Bhagyashree
2022Evaluation and characterization of selected plant species of Mizoram for their cytotoxicity against different cancer cell linesMalsawmdawngliana
2022Evaluation of anti-cancer activity of Stemona tuberosa Lour.Lalmuansangi, C.
2021Evaluation of antifungal potential of Solanum lycopersicum endophytic bacteria for bio-control of plant pathogenic fungiWilliam Carrie