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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Evaluation of Integrated Nutrient Management Packages for growth, yield and quality of banana cv. Grand Naine in MizoramHazarika, Tridip Kumar
2012Evaluation of Nuclear and Chloroplast gene sequences for feasibility of DNA Barcoding of Musaceae FamilyLallawmawma, H.
2014Evaluation of Potentials of Agricultural Development in Teirei Watershed, MizoramZonunsanga, R
2011Evaluation of Primary School Children in Mizoram in Relation to Minimum Levels of LearningLalremruata, C.
2015Evaluation of the antineoplastic and radiosensitizing properties of Croton caudatus Geiseler in vitro and in vivoShantabi, Longjam
2011An Evaluation of Use of E-Resources In Indian Institute of Technology Library, GuwahatiLaltlanmawii, Rosa
2016Evaluation system of Mizoram board of school education at the Secondary level: an analytical studyZoramthangi, Angela
2021An Evaluative Study of Performance of the MGNREGA in Relation to Tribal Women in MizoramSailo, Ngurthanzuali
2016An Evaluative Study of English Textbooks Prescribed for Class X by Mizoram Board of School EducationChawngthu, Lalmawipuii
2019Evolution of Mizo Dress: A Historical StudyVarsangzuali, Rosaline
2017Examining Aspects of the Gorkha Identity in Mizoram: A Study of Selected WritingsSubba, Shraddha
2022An Experimental Study on the Impact of Music Training on Creativity, Attitude and Achievement in MusicLalchuangkima, Reuben
2021Exploration and Characterization of endophytic bacteria associated with Dillenia pentagyna RoxbLallawmsangi
2018Exploration and utilization of wild mushrooms from Murlen National Park and Dampa Tiger Reserve of MizoramLallawmsanga
2016Faith Based Organisation and Development in Shillong, MeghalayaRangiasaid Rynjah, Martius
2011Family and Peer Network Among the Institutionalised Children in Conflict with Law in MizoramLalthangmawia, James
2018Family Environment and Educational Aspirations of Secondary And Higher Secondary School Students in Churachandpur, ManipurLalsanhim, Canny
2019Family Environment and School Dropouts among Youth in Aizawl, MizoramLallawmkimi
2019Family environment and study habits of higher secondary students in Aizawl cityLalmuankimi
2020Family Functioning and Parental Attachment in Relation to Behavioural and Emotional Problems of Adolescents in MeghalayaRestia Dkhar, Zebalda