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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Intergeneration conflict in Mizo society: A psychological analysisVanlalhruaia, C
2019Intergenerational Differences in Values, Work Preferences, and Work Motivation among the MizoLalramthara, C.
2012Intermolecular interaction in and between molecules and substrates relevant to bio-memsLalnunsiama, Jonathan
2014Internet Use and Family Relations Among College Going Youth in MizoramLallianzela, R.
2021Interplay of Identity Consistency, Group Participation and Collectivistic Orientation on Well-beingLalkhawngaihi, Grace
2020Interpreting One’s History and Society: A Study of Easterine Kire’s NovelsChingbiakmawi
2020“Interpreting Orality Within the Mizo Paradigm: A Study of Select Narratives”Vanlalthabera, K.
2024-04-23Interrogating IdentitiesLalkulhpuia, Dustin
2014Intimate Partner Violence Against Women:  Perceptions  Across  Gender  in  Aizawl  CityLianhmingthangi, Catherine
2021Intrusion Detection System Using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine: A Comparative StudyMishra, Aishwarya
2021Invasion ecology of tithonia diversifolia (hemsl.) A. Gray in Aizawl, mizoramVanlalruati
2023-10-03Investigation and Control of Water treatment Plant with Consideration of Micro-Grid ConceptRohmingtluanga, C.
2022Investigation of anti-carcinogenic activities of Mussaenda macrophylla Wall. (Family: Rubiaceae)Lalremruati, Marina
2013Investigation of Anti-dermatophytic Activity from selected Medicinal Plants of MizoramLalsangluaii, Fanai
2022Investigation of Circular Microstrip Antenna with Improved Input and Radiation CharacteristicsZonunmawii
2017Investigation of the Anticancer Potential Of Pasaltakaza, Helicia Nilagirica BeddZoremsiami, Jennifer
2021Investigation to enhance some characteristics Of rectangular microstrip antennasUmesh Ankush, Pawar
2016Ion pair and triple ion formations of some selected compounds in aqueous and binary solutions at different temperaturesLalzawnpuia
2012Isolation and Identification of Cry protein producing species of Bacillus and characterization of their insecticidal propertiesZothansanga
2021“Isolation and identification of heavy metal resistance bacteria from rhizosphere and screening for their plant growth promoting potentialAhmad, Farzana