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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The pattern of migration and its effect on economic development with special reference to MizoramZirnunsanga, K
2012People’s participation in Phaizau minor irrigation projectLalthansanga, C
2003Perceived parental rearing style correlates of Psychosoical Differentiation: A study across Mizo and Khasi adolescentsFente, H. K.
2019Perceived parentimg style in relation to emotional maturity amongs adults in mizoramPachuau, Lalhmingsangi
2016Perceived Parenting Style Correlates of Psychopathology and Mental Wellbeing among Mizo AdolescentsZothanmawii, Mary
2021Perceived Social Support, Stigma and Mental Health of Female Sex Workers in Aizawl CityRemdingpuii
2016Perception of Child Adoption in Aizawl, MizoramRodingliani, Sharon
2015Perception of Child Sexual Abuse among School Children in Aizawl District, MizoramPachuau, Lalrinmawii
2015Perception of Mizo Post Graduate Students on the Influence of their Involvement in Social Activities upon their Academic Achievement, Moral and Social DevelopmentL.R. Puia Tlau, Francis
2022Perception of the stakeholders of secondary school of Assam on Smart Class and its impact on students’ learning outcomesBasumatary, Pooja
2021Perceptions of Higher Secondary School Teachers of Mizoram on their EmpowermentChhangte, Ruatpuii
2018Perceptions of stake holders about the status of implementation of selected interventions under SSA in MizoramSarah, K.
2021Perceptions of Stakeholders on Quality of Higher Education in Mizoram in the Context of RUSAKawlni, Laltlanzauvi
2012Perceptions of Teachers on the Organizational Climate of Elementary Schools of Aizawl City: A Comparative Study of English and Mizo Medium SchoolsBiakthansangi
2019Perceptions of Under-Graduate Students in Mizoram Relating to the Impact of Their Participation in Social ActivitiesL. R. Puia Tlau, Francis
2013Perceptions Related to Parenting Practices and Self-Esteem in Migrants Families, Aizawl DistrictLalrinzuali, H
2010Perceptions, Discrimination and Social Support of Gay Men in Urban MizoramRalte, Zothankimi
2018Performance analysis of champhai winery in the Post mlpc act: economic environment in MizoramHangshing, Kamminthang
2019Performance analysis of micro- enterprises: A case study on PMEGP beneficiaries in AizawlLalramengmawia, B
2017Performance Analysis of Select Banks in Aizawl City, MizoramBuansing, K. T.