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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Political ideologies in Mizoram: A Case Study of the Mizo National Front PartyVanlalhmangaihsanga, R
2019Political participation Of women in mizoramLalfakawmi, B.
2013Political Participation of Women in Meghalaya: A Comparative Study of Khasi and Garo WomenPatnaik, J. K.
2013Political Participation of Women in Meghalaya: A Comparative Study of Khasi and Garo WomenMawkhroh, Ibabitnam
2015Political Participation of Women in Mizoram: A Study of Aizawl Municipal Council and Local CouncilsLalhualhimi
2021Political Participation of Women in Village Council in MizoramLalchatuanthangi
2022Political Process in Myanmar: A Study of Democratization in Chin StateLalhriatpuii, F.
2015Political Socialisation of the Youth in Mizoram: A Case Study of the Youth in Kolasib DistrictLalthatluanga
2018Political socialization of college students in MizoramLalremruata, T.
2023-06The Politics Of Identity In Select Works By James DokhumaLalmalsawmi, V
2021The politics of liquor in Mizoram: a study of the state and civil society InterventionsLal lawmzuali
2016Politics of Religion: A Case Study of the Presbyterian Church of India in Aizawl City since 1972Zorinsanga, H
2015Pollen, Longevity and Effect of Growth Hormones on Pollen Germination in vitro in some Important Tropical Tree Species of MizoramKar, Kalpataru
2022Pollination biology of three Clerodendrum species in a tropical forest of MizoramSingh, Puyam Devanda
2021Population and genetic diversity in banana pseudostem weevil and leaf and fruit scarring beetle, inferred from RAPD fingerprintsGiri, Abinash
2018-10Portraying the queer in selected texts of shyam SelvaduraiLalchhandami, Elizabeth
2018Post harvest Loss and management practices of agriculture Produces under shifting cultivationLalhmangaihchhungi, H
2022Post modernization in Mizoram:a study of Mitchel Foucauls's power knowledge relationship in the context of Mizo societyRamengliana
2018Post Purchase Behaviour among Car Owners in Aizawl City: A Case Study of Hyundai MotorsPachuau, Lalchhantluangi
2022Potentials and Practices of Rainwater Harvesting in AizawlZochhuanawma