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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-07Magnetite Graphene oxide-clay nanocomposites in the remediation of aquatic environment contaminated with arsenic and fluoride-
2013Magnetostratigraphic studies of the Surma and Tipam groups in parts of the Kolasib district, MizoramLalnuntluanga, Paul
2019Magnetostratigraphic study of barail group in champhai District, MizoramLalremruatfela, C
2011Magnetostratigraphic study of the Bhuban formation (surma group) around Aizawl, MizoramMalsawma, J
2015Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme (MGNREGS); A case study of Kolasib District, MizoramLalengmawii
2019‘Malsawma’ upanyas: ek vishleshanatmak AdhyayanNgurnunsangi
2017ManagementVanlalnguri, Hmar
2018Mapping of library and Information science journals on scopus: A scientometric AssessmentSingh, Thingnam Surendra Kumar
2017Mapping of library and Information science journals on scopus: A scientometric AssessmentMalsawmkimi
2015Mara autonomous district council: Evolution and developmentC. Beingiachhiezi, Steffi
2010Marital breakdown and its impact on families in MizoramFambawl, Julie Remsangpuii
2016Maritime security in the south china sea: a study on The role of india and its implicationsLalremsiami, C
2019Marketing of Banking Services of Commercial Banks in MizoramZothantluangi, H
2014Marketing Practices of Handloom Enterprises in Thenzawl Cluster, MizoramB Hmangaihzuali, Jenny
2016Materialism, Religiosity and Subjective Well-being in Relation to AgeLalrintluangi
2023-06Mathematical And Statistical Analysis Of Higher Education In MizoramRosangliana, David
2014Mathematical Modeling of Diabetes MellitusZadeng, Denghmingliani
2009A Mathematical Study on Income Distribution and Estimation of Inequality with Reference to MizoramNunchunga, J.V.
2021Mathematics Education in Secondary Schools of Mizoram: Status, Problems and ProspectsLalremmawii, C.
2018Measurement of neutron radiative capture cross sections for 70zn(n, γ)71znm reaction using isotopically enriched 70zn isotope in the few mev incident neutron energy regionPunte, Lalrinmawia