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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Palaeontological studies of some selected sections of upper Bhuban Rocks around Aizawl, MizoramZochhuana Ralte, Victor
2019Palaeontological study bhuban formation (surma group) in aizawl, mizoramLalchhanhima, C
2022Palaeontological study of the bhuban formation, surma group in Saiha and Lawngtlai Districts of MizoramRose, Elita
2010Parenting Styles, Family Communication and risk behaviour Among Adolescents in MizoramLalhmingmawii, B
2012Parody and the Play: A Study of Selected Plays of Tom StoppardTochhong, Nelly Vanlalliani
2016Participation of Secondary School Teachers in School Management with reference to their Gender, Teaching Experience and Types of Management in Aizawl CityLalruatsanga, Immanuel
2019Participation of Secondary School Teachers of Aizawl City in School AdministrationKawlni, Lalrinngheta
2014Party System in Mizoram: Its Origin, Growth and RoleGuite, Lalmuana
2017Pasaltha KhuangchreaPachuau, Zoramchhani
2023Patriarchal Resistance: A Study of Hmar Women as Represented in Select Folktales and SongsTuolor, Lalsangzuali
2016Patriarchy in Colonial MizoramLalsangkimi, L. V.
2014Patriotism in Mizo drama: a Study of Lalnu Ropuiliani And pasaltha Khuangchera By Laltluangliana KhiangteLalzarzova
2012Pattern and variation of fury in the novels of Salman RushdieKhawltinkimi
2016Pattern of Fuel Consumption Among Two-wheeler Owners in Aizawl CityLalmuanzuali
2007The pattern of migration and its effect on economic development with special reference to MizoramZirnunsanga, K
2012People’s participation in Phaizau minor irrigation projectLalthansanga, C
2003Perceived parental rearing style correlates of Psychosoical Differentiation: A study across Mizo and Khasi adolescentsFente, H. K.
2019Perceived parentimg style in relation to emotional maturity amongs adults in mizoramPachuau, Lalhmingsangi
2016Perceived Parenting Style Correlates of Psychopathology and Mental Wellbeing among Mizo AdolescentsZothanmawii, Mary
2021Perceived Social Support, Stigma and Mental Health of Female Sex Workers in Aizawl CityRemdingpuii