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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Carbon and Nitrogen Sequestration Potential of Bamboo Forests of MizoramVanlalfakawma, David C.
2017Care And Support Of Children Living With Hiv/Aids in Aizawl, MizoramHmingthansangi, C
2022Career Aspirations and Academic Anxiety of Higher Secondary School Students of Bodoland Territorial Region, Assam in relation to their Socio-Economic StatusBaro, Kunjalata
2014Caryl churchill and theatre of subversion: a socialist- feminist studyVanlalchami
2022Centre-state relations in India: a comparative study of manipur and mizoramLalrinngheta
2017Centre-state relations: a study of Congress regime in Mizoram (2013-2016)Lalrinngheta
2018Certain differentiable structures on a manifoldDevi, Mayanglambam Saroja
2021The chakma autonomous district council: origin, growth and developmentLalmuanpuii, Loisy
2017Changes in Phenological Patterns of Erythrina Species in two Different Precipitation Regimes in Tropical Forests of MizoramVanlalremkimi, J
2021Changes in soil aggregation, microbial population, carbon and nutrients under different land use systems of MizoramOvung, Etsoshan Y
2021Changes in the testicular activity in males of a Pterepodidae bat rousettus leschenaultiVanlalrempuia
2010Changing status of women in Arunachal Pradesh since independence: a case study of tani group of tribesBharali, Karabi
2016Characterization and expression profiles of Glutathione - S- transferase (GSTs) gene in Anopheles mosquito vector complexVanlalhruaia, K.
2019Characterization of a glutathione peroxidase-like protein from a diazotrophic cyanobacterium Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29133 and its role in stress survivalLalnunmawii, Esther
2019Characterization of clinically significant mutations associated with Breast Cancer in Mizo populationZodinpuii, Doris
2024-02-05Characterization of Hatkora (Citrus macroptera Mont) accessions of superior genotypes from MizoramLalruatsangi, Esther
2022Characterization of microbacterian tuberculosis assocaited with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Mizoram using Genomic approachesVanlalbiakdiki Sailo, Christine
2017Characterization of Potential Probiotic bacterial strains isolated from traditionally fermented fish and their effect on cancer cell linesSingh, Sambanduram Samarjit
2020Characterization of rhizospheric actinomycetes from major crop plants and their plant growth promoting properties under jhum fields of MizoramMomin, Marcy D.
2021Characterization of VHF (TV) Terrestrial Band in Aizawl MizoramJawhly, Thaisa