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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Gaming with the Pasts: A Study of Trauma in Select Video GamesMalsawma
2020Gender roles in livelihood activities under shifting cultivation system in MizoramVanalalauvi, R.
2016Gender Role in the Livelihood Activities of Shifting Cultivation in Mizoram: A Case Study of Chawngtlai VillageLalremruati, Agnes
2014Gender, Parental Bonding and Parent-child Relationship among Adolescents in Aizawl, MizoramLalrintluangi
2016Genetic Divergence and Phylogenetic Relationship of Honey Bee Population in MizoramChhakchhuak, Liansangmawii
2024-02-05Genetic Variants in Pharmacogenes in North Indian population and their association with Adverse Drug Reaction in Gastric CancerSarma, Ranjan Jyoti
2019Genetic variation studies in candidate genes related to Type 2 Diabetes in Mizo population, MizoramLalrohlui, Freda
2011Geochemical characteristics of potable water in and around Kolasib Town,Mizoram,IndiaKumar Bharati, Vinod
2022Geochemistry of potable and saline water sources in and around Mamit town, MizoramRamngaihawma, B.
2015Geological studies of the rocks at landslide prone localities in Aizawl, MizoramLaldinpuia
2010Geological study of Muthi limestone in Aizawl district of Mizoram, IndiaLalmuankimi, C.
2016Geomorphometry and Morphotectonics of Tuirini Watershed in MizoramAhmed, Fuzal
2005Geophysical, Biophysical and socio-economic studies of Tuichhuahen river, Mizoram, India with special reference to integrated microwater-shed managementRai, Bharat
2023-09-01Geopolitics ofIndia and MyanmarRalte, Lalmalsawma
2022Geotechnical studies of selected rockfall sites In and around aizawl, mizoramLalhlimpuia, H.
2023-09-01Globalization and Higher EducationHmar, Ruatdiki
2019Globalization in Mizoram: Implications for Trade and CommerceLianhmingsanga, T.
2017Gonadoprotective Effect of Ellagic Acid in Cadmium-Induced Testicular Toxicity in Wistar albino RatsMomin, Bidanchi R.
2020Good Governance in Urban India: A Case Study of AizawlLalchhuanawma, H.C.
2021Governance And Development In Mizoram (1987-2014)Sailo, Lalhruaitluangi