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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-07Magnetite Graphene oxide-clay nanocomposites in the remediation of aquatic environment contaminated with arsenic and fluoride-
2013Magnetostratigraphic studies of the Surma and Tipam groups in parts of the Kolasib district, MizoramLalnuntluanga, Paul
2019Magnetostratigraphic study of barail group in champhai District, MizoramLalremruatfela, C
2011Magnetostratigraphic study of the Bhuban formation (surma group) around Aizawl, MizoramMalsawma, J
2015Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme (MGNREGS); A case study of Kolasib District, MizoramLalengmawii
2019‘Malsawma’ upanyas: ek vishleshanatmak AdhyayanNgurnunsangi
2017ManagementVanlalnguri, Hmar
2018Mapping of library and Information science journals on scopus: A scientometric AssessmentSingh, Thingnam Surendra Kumar
2017Mapping of library and Information science journals on scopus: A scientometric AssessmentMalsawmkimi
2015Mara autonomous district council: Evolution and developmentC. Beingiachhiezi, Steffi
2010Marital breakdown and its impact on families in MizoramFambawl, Julie Remsangpuii
2024-04-15Marital Relationships, Social Support and General Health of Sikkimese WomenSubba, Sunaina
2016Maritime security in the south china sea: a study on The role of india and its implicationsLalremsiami, C
2019Marketing of Banking Services of Commercial Banks in MizoramZothantluangi, H
2014Marketing Practices of Handloom Enterprises in Thenzawl Cluster, MizoramB Hmangaihzuali, Jenny
2016Materialism, Religiosity and Subjective Well-being in Relation to AgeLalrintluangi
2023-06Mathematical And Statistical Analysis Of Higher Education In MizoramRosangliana, David
2023-12-18Mathematical Aptitude of Pre-Service Elementary Teachers of Sikkim in Relation to Intelligence and Problem-Solving AbilityRay, Pawan Kumar
2014Mathematical Modeling of Diabetes MellitusZadeng, Denghmingliani
2009A Mathematical Study on Income Distribution and Estimation of Inequality with Reference to MizoramNunchunga, J.V.