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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Radon and thoron concentrations as a precursor to earthquakes along Chite fault in Aizawl DistrictSingh, Sanjay
2023-12-08Radon Characterization in Soil of Oil Exploration Areas in MizoramRemlalsiama
2020Rattans and Palms ecology of MizoramRenthlei, Vanlalpeka
2017Re- constructing the identity of Mizo women In selected mizo folk songsVanlalruati, K
2021Re-Imagining the Ao-Naga Identity in the works of Temsula AoLalbiakdiki
2016Re-Presenting The Past: A Study of Selected Novels of Julian BarnesSailo, Marlyn Lalnunmawii
2017Realism in Mizo Poetry with special reference to the poetical works of Awithangpa, Hrawva Khiangte and L. BiaklianaZonunsangi, P.C
2019Relationship of Social Networking Sites Usage with Psychological Well-Being and Academic Performance of Mizo Undergraduate StudentsLalruatfeli Fanai, Margaret
2021The Relationships between Alcohol Use Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Aggression and Attachment Style: A Study among Policemen and Drivers in Aizawl CityLalrindika, Jona
2018Religion and politics in Mizoram: role of the churchHaokip, Letkholun
2016Religiosity and attire: A study on buying behaviour among the MizoRalte, Lalnunmawii
2020Religiosity and Life Satisfaction of Older Persons in MizoramRohlupuii, Jennifer
2018Religiosity Correlates to Occupational Stress, Organizational Commitment, Ethical Decision Making and Spiritual Wellbeing: A Study of High School Teachers in MizoramPachuau, Lalruatpuii
2018Remapping Song : A Study of Select Protest Songs by Bob DylanSailo, Vanlalpeki
2012Removal behaviour of iron coated sand (ICS) and manganese coated sand (MCS) for heavy metal toxic ions from aqueous solutionsC. Laldawngliana
2018Representation and reality: A study of select mizo folk narrativesLalparmawiiKhiangte, Judy
2019‘Representation of Caste in Digital Banners: A Study of Socio-Cultural Dimensions in Tamil Nadu’Suresh, M.
2020Representation of Mizo Ethnicity in Fictional Narratives: Colonial to Contemporary TimesVanlalruata, Albert
2016Representation of the Pawih in Select Mizo FolktalesLalramengmawia
2020Representation of White Trash Subculture in the Works of Dorothy AllisonVanlaltanpuii